Currently, INDIE Ed I do not have any openings. You can send us your resume and a brief cover letter telling us about your interest. We will reach out to you if anything comes up.



What Does It Mean to Work for INDIE Ed I?

INDIE Education Initiative (INDIE Ed I) wants to attract talented, passionate, and resourceful individuals who are committed to supporting the organization’s mission. At INDIE Ed I diversity is cherished; ideas are heard; self-initiative and prompt action is valued; hard work is recognized; creativity is encouraged; personal lives are respected, and a sense of humor is appreciated! We are a family that cares for and appreciate one another.

Working for INDIE Ed I means getting the platform to bring about societal change. INDIE Ed I employees have the stage use their knowledge, courage, compassion, wisdom in transforming societies at their core. Our work helps people to examine their philosophy of life and education. It inspires them to take delight in their questions and encourages them to seek answers to those questions. Choosing to work at INDIE Ed I means getting the opportunity to continue our great tradition of working side by side with people in underserved communities not as people who know it all but as equals. The work of INDIE Ed I can be described as serves rooted in trust, friendship, and mutual respect.

At INDIE Ed I, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, citizenship, sex, gender (which includes gender identity, gender expression, and transgender status), national origin (which includes employees who hold or present a driver’s license issued under section 12801.9 of the Vehicle Code), pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, religious creed (which includes all aspects of religious belief, observance, and practice including religious dress and grooming practices), physical disability, mental disability, age, legally protected medical condition (which includes genetic characteristics, cancer or a record or history of cancer), marital status, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, employees requesting accommodation of a disability or religious belief, employees on public assistance or any other characteristic protected by local, state or federal law.

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